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Tired of poor reception on your GSM phone? This new mobile phone signal booster turns a one bar signal to 5 full bars - instantly.

The Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Booster is for people who are located in remote places, far away from the tower and have problems in communicating on their Cellular Phone because of poor signals. Also the Booster is very useful in cities, where in spite of full mobile signals on the mobile phone, there is a break in voice leading to call clarity problem. Simply plug the mobile phone signal booster into your office, home farmhouse, factory and you'll be astonished with the huge gain in both the incoming reception and outgoing transmission levels as the signal booster goes to work!

What exactly is this mobile phone signal booster or how can this mobile phone signal booster help my particular reception problems?

Literally, this mobile phone signal booster will take a one bar signal on, for example, a Nokia 51/61 series handset and boost it immediately to a full 5 bars.

We've spent the past 4  years or so visiting numerous Business Places and  equipment manufacturers around the world in the hope of finding a product which would address the needs of cell phone users who found themselves living smack in the middle of poor GSM reception areas.

Finally, in collaboration with one of our suppliers, we came up with what can only be described as the perfect GSM signal enhancer. Forget your little patch antenna, or your magnetic aerial and external connection lead, with their 1/2 - 1 bar reception enhancements at best - this precision amplifier puts you on a par with actually being beside your nearest base station, pumping out up to 8 watts of regulated power when connected to your cellular handset.

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